I’m Kate. Just Kate.

Katherine  Katie  Katelyn

Creative Designer

Portrait of Kate Frappell

Kate Frappell is a complete joy to work with. She and I are collaborators on the weekly #SocialROI Twitter chat. We've worked together on this project since its inception, January 2017. Kate is super smart, very friendly and extremely professional. She's a hard worker and very creative, always producing high quality work. I have to say, her "get things done" attitude is inspiring. Kate is an asset to any team. I'm proud to be on hers.

Madalyn Sklar - Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist

Thanks for all your work on the website and logo. You've really done a great job and improved the quality and professionalism of the enterprise. I'll definitely be referring others to you for design work!

Nick Nugent - Host of the Undefined Terms Podcast

Kate is a hardworking designer who has a commendable work ethic, a great attitude to new projects and fantastic interpersonal skills. She can be relied upon to produce quality work, even when given tight deadlines. She is resourceful and always ready to suggest an alternative when required. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate and would not hesitate to recommend her to any future employers.

Squeegee Scott - Digital Manager at Canon

Just wanted to say that the new UI you've put together looks really great. I was immediately impressed when I saw this iteration. The colour scheme/balance in particular is a huge step up and you've solved some major UI issues with core interface. Really looking forward to seeing the final version!

James Peter - Founder of Charge Desk