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10 Signs You’re Not 18 Anymore (According to Twitter)

Every so often a trending hashtag on Twitter tickles my fancy. Last week #SignsYoureNot18More grabbed my attention.


I monitored this hashtag for a while (giggling my way through) and decided to collect the 10 best ones for sentiments sake.

1. Friends are having babies… on purpose.

2. A good time means an afternoon nap on the couch.

3. Instead of wings, Redbull just gives you heartburn.

4. You have a favourite grocery store.

5. You stop relating to Dorothy and start relating to the Tin Man.

6. When someone calls you after 9 pm, you think it’s an emergency.

7. You start to wonder if you should have read the Terms of Use before clicking Agree.

8. You put on weight just looking at chocolate.

9. You refer to 18 year olds as “those kids”.

10. Netflix and Chill means to fall asleep watching something on Netflix.

Can you think of a sign that’s missing or just weirdly relevant to you?
Share them in the comments below!